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Reed switches in Relays for Fax Machines

Fax machine

Facsimile or Fax for short, is the transmission of documents over telephone lines. Although these machines gained maximum usage in the 80s and are not very widely used in the 21st century, businesses still continue to maintain a fax machine, as signed copied of documents sent via Fax are recognized by law. The technology of fax machines these have improved a lot and data is sent using the Internet instead of the phone lines. Even still, Reed Switch based Reed Relays continue to be used on such devices for switching larger loads such as for heating up the toners or for driving the motors that feed paper et cetera. Ultra miniature relays are manufactured by winding coils around reed switches and are used in a number of electronics and communication equipment in addition to Fax machines. . Special reed relays which have low inductance can be used in radio frequency (RF) switching applications to ensure that there is no power loss.

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